Children's Bushcraft Intermediate Course 

Welcome to our Bushcraft Intermediate course for children aged 10+

What will be covered?

Shelters: They will learn to build a group debris lean-to shelter.

Tool Use: They will be learning how to use a knife, folding saw and axe safely. Whittle your own spatula, make a pot hanger for cooking and learn to safely split wood.

Fire: Learn about fires, from safety to finding wood to fire lays to lighting a fire with a fire striker and flint & steel, as well as making charcloth, feather sticks and tinder bundles.

Ethnobotany: They will learn to ID a mix of trees and plants which they can use for fire lighting, to eat or for herbal first aid and we will also make some plantain ointment.

Knots: Learn to use 3-6 knots.

Cordage: make your own string! Either from willow bark or depending on season bramble or nettle.

This is a course, so it will be hands on learning.

What else is included:

-They will get to take home their spatulas, pot hanger, cordage, as well as a jar of ointment.

-Lunch, snacks & drinks will also be included, please let us know about any dieatary requirements or allergies.

The day will run from 10-5pm and will be limited to 6 children. £60 per child.