Children's Bushcraft Introduction Course

Welcome to our Bushcraft Introduction course for children aged 8-16

What will be covered?

Shelters: They will learn to build various woodland shelters, from a debris A-frame survival shelter to a tarp shelter.

Tool Use: They will be learning how to use a knife, folding saw and axe safely. They will then be making wooden mallets and pegs and learning to split wood safely.

Fire: Learn about fires, from safety to finding wood to fire lays to lighting a fire with a fire striker.

Ethnobotany: They will learn to ID a mix of trees and plants which they can use for fire lighting, herbal first aid or that they can eat.

Knots: Learn to use 2-3 knots.

This is a course, so it will be hands on learning.

Please remember to send them with a packed lunch and a drinking bottle.

What else is included:

-They get to keep their mallets & pegs and will also be given a green tarp and paracord to take home.

The day will run from 10-4:30pm and will be limited to 8 children. £60 per child.

* For dates and to book please check our bookings page. If you are unable to make any of our dates, please get in touch and we will see about putting more dates on. Thank you.