Bushcraft Overnight

Date(s) - 29th & 30th of June 2024
10:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Bushcraft is not just about survival, its about everyday life skills and the understanding of the natural world. From fire lighting and tool use to foraging, herbal medicine and cooking in nature.

So if you would like to spend more time outdoors, getting closer to nature, learning new skills and discovering what plants you can eat, then Bushcraft is for you!

On the 2 day and 1 night course we will cover everything on a deeper level and have the chance to explore more aspects of Bushcraft, as well as look at more ways of utilising and reconnecting with the natural environment.

What we plan to cover:

Shelters: You will learn to build various woodland shelters, from a lean-to shelter to a tarp shelter for a hammock or bivy bag. We will also show you various knots.

Tool Use: You will be learning how to use a knife, folding saw and axe safely. Learning various knife grips. You will then have the opportunity to make a spatula, feather sticks, a pot hanger and learn to split wood safely. You will also be shown how to sharpen your knife using an oil stone.

Fire: Learn about fires, from safety to finding wood to fire lays to lighting a fire with a fire striker and flint & steel. Discover various natural tinders, make feather sticks, discover the wonders of the king Alfred cake, make charcloth, how to find dry wood and have a go at lighting a fire using a tinder bundle. We will also have an introduction to the bow & drill method.

Cordage: We will be learning about various plants and trees that we can use to make cordage. The types that we make will depend on what we can find on the day.

Cooking: As a group we will be cooking dinner on the first day, breakfast the following morning and then lunch (please bring a packed lunch for the first day). Learn which woods are best for different types of cooking. We will be adding foraged ingredients to each meal. The food for the meals will depend on peoples allergies and diet, etc.

Ethnobotany: You will learn to ID a variety of trees and plants which you can use for fire lighting, herbal first aid or that you can eat.

Camping is included in the price, whether you would like to spend the night in the woods in your newly constructed shelter, in a hammock around the woodland base camp or in a tent in the camping field.

Equipment you need to bring for this course: bowl and cutlery, mug, sleeping equipment (sleeping bag, hammock/bivy bag & tarp or tent). A spare set of practical clothing. Please bring lunch for the first day.

Tutor: Ryan Knight Fox

Ryan is an experienced tutor, having been running his own woodland business ‘Knight-Fox Wild About Learning’ since 2017. He is an Ecologist, Ethnobotanist, Bushcraft Instructor, Social Forester, Forest School Leader and Coastal School Leader. As well as running adult courses, children’s events and after school groups from his site at The New Quay Honey Farm Woods, he has worked with various organisations, such as: Coed Lleol/ Actif Woods, Ray Ceredigion, Ieuenctid Tysul Youth, various schools and nurseries, DASH, Flying Start and of course Denmark Farm. 

Fee: £175 per person (includes dinner on Sat, breakfast & lunch on Sun, campfire snacks and drinks).

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